Kindergarten / Reception Teacher

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Full-time

Job Purpose:

To provide quality education to students which reflects a Biblical world view, a knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and demonstrates techniques which will enable all students to learn effectively.

Professional Knowledge

  • Demonstrate a high level of knowledge of relevant curriculum, and of learning and assessment theory
  • Undertake evaluation, assessment and monitoring of students in accordance with school guidelines and the Cambridge syllabus (where applicable)
  • Participate in in-house and/or external professional development in order to update and refine knowledge and skills



  • Teach up to 24 periods per week as allocated by the Elementary Principal
  • Use a full range of teaching and assessment techniques that target identified needs/abilities
  • Ensure that all aspects of the curriculum are covered
  • Effectively manage the learning environment
  • Develop a class environment that supports each student holistically, and in a Christ-like way



  • Facilitate open communication between students, parents and staff
  • Communicate with students, families and colleagues in a professional and engaging manner
  • Participate in peer and/or department mentoring and support programs


Contributing to the wider school environment

  • Participate in school activities outside of class time according to interest and need
  • Attend staff devotions, chapel and meetings as scheduled
  • Supervise students during non-class times as scheduled
  • Other duties as required