IT Manager

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Full-time

Job Purpose:

To ensure the smooth running and  upgrade of computer systems and technology at Bingham Academy to enable Bingham Academy to fulfill its purpose of providing quality Christian education.


Core Duties:



  • In conjunction with other IT teachers, have oversight of teaching programs from KG – Grade 12 for students, making sure that appropriate Course Maps and Instructional Maps (scope and sequence) and  teaching methods and assessment are used
  • Ensure proper use of IT equipment by students
  • Ensure appropriate filters (and regular checks of these) are in place to prevent students, wherever possible, from accessing inappropriate internet sites
  • Teach up to 50% class load, if required  Teach up to 5 hours of lower level computing (Middle School ICT) if absolutely necessary



  • Supervise the workload, tasks, evaluation and performance of the IT Staff
  • Meet regularly with IT support staff (every two weeks)
  • Liaise with teaching staff as regards IT/AV needs for lessons and in classrooms
  • Ensure appropriate filters (and regular checks of these) are in place to prevent staff from inadvertently accessing inappropriate internet sites (ensure that regular checks of staff site access are carried out)
  • Have appropriate software in place for staff use
  • Act as a contact person for IT issues as they arise (ensure adequate system of addressing issues is established and maintained)
  • Provide opportunities for training of IT staff
  • Assist staff with systems and technical support to improve productivity and efficiency in the office and library
  • Have assistance in place for staff requiring help with personal computers



  • Be available to inform parents of IT curriculum and IT use as requested
  • Assist parents with use of intranet/access to internet as required and appropriate