Food Services Coordinator

Addis Ababa Part-time

Job Purpose:

To ensure that Bingham Academy provides food services that enable the school to fulfill its purpose.

 School Lunches

  • Plan the school lunch menu in advance with the kitchen staff
  • Ensure school lunches take into consideration student and staff allergies
  • Ensure that the school lunch menu and instructions for ordering are available to the BA community
  • Schedule regular meetings with the head of the kitchen to plan the menu, teach new recipes and discuss any issues that are coming up
  • Ensure the staff sign up for school lunches is being posted and orders included in the overall ordering
  • Work with office and finance staff to ensure efficient and accurate systems for sending out lunch order sheets, collecting orders, processing orders (providing for reimbursements) and ensuring orders are filled
  • Ensure that the orders are accurate and students receive what they have ordered
  • Coordinate with parent help via a roster to assist with handing out lunches
  • Through the kitchen, make provision for ES students who have forgotten lunch and report any ongoing issues in this regard to the Principals or Director.


  • Oversee provision of and menu planning for staff morning teas and weekly staff meetings
  • Oversee provision of and menu planning for orientation at the start of the school year and any meals throughout the year provided for staff e.g. Parent/Teacher Meetings, Staff Development days etc.
  • Oversee provision of monthly shared staff meal (last Thursday of the month)
  • Develop further recipes with kitchen staff including gluten free, salt free, healthy alternatives etc.
  • Provide nutritional information/analysis of food from the BA kitchen
  • Train kitchen staff in the use of various equipment/appliances, pressure cookers, pie plates, etc.
  • Ensure appropriate hygiene practices are in place, and the general functioning of the kitchen
  • Liaise with the kitchen regarding planning for the storage of food and equipment
  • Oversee (in conjunction with the Facilities and Operations Manager) emergency food and water provisions that would be required in the event of a disaster 
  • Oversee annual budgeting process e.g. equipment purchases etc. for the kitchen in conjunction with the Facilities and Operations Manager
  • Develop and institute (in conjunction with the Director) a Healthy Food Policy for the school and update as necessary
  • Maintain ACSI accreditation standards for food services and continue to evaluate as needed



  • Liaise with outside catering/restaurants coming to BA for events (e.g. Field Days)
  • Co-ordinate the hospitality for Bingham sponsored events/functions with the kitchen
  • Ensuring that requests for food/ drinks / cups / cutlery / plates etc are given to the kitchen staff at least three weeks before the event (using the event form) and liaise with the kitchen staff and teaching staff to ensure that instructions are clear
  • Ensure that that the necessary set up before and clean up after an event is done
  • Ensure that any issues that have occurred with food, timing or set up/pack up for an event/function are followed up

 Elilta Cafe

  • Liaise with the Elilta Café and staff, as appropriate, to ensure hygienic and healthy food standards are maintained and service is efficient.