Home School Program Coordinator

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Full-time

The position of Home School Support Program Coordinator plays a vital role in the life of Bingham Academy. Our Home School Support program assists around 50 families serving as missionaries in Ethiopia who either live outside of Addis Ababa or who choose to home school their children. The Coordinator ensures that participants in the program have access to resources and opportunities at Bingham Academy and encourages networks to form within the program for mutual encouragement and support. 

Key skills required include:

  • At minimum a Bachelor's degree in education and/or teacher certification
  • Understanding and experience in teaching in a range of environments and contexts
  • An understanding of philosphies and approaches to home schooling
  • An ability to engage others in order to facilitate active engagement of the home school community in the life of Bingham Academy
  • Skills in administration and in using technology in the workplace
  • Cross-cultural communication skills to engage effectively with our diverse home school community as well as Bingham Academy faculty

This is an outstanding opportunity to help Bingham Academy achieve its vision for quality Christian education.

All of our expatriate staff serve as missionary volunteers. Bingham Academy provides airfare assistance, free housing and utilities and generous professional development support. 

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